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* Tenika Mahoney

"I'm a member at Fit4Less Bethnal Green I've just done a spin class with Hassan which was absolutely fantastic. Burnt about 280 calories in 45 minutes, I worked up a really good sweat and I'd really recommend it."

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* Josh Robinson

"I'm a member of Fit4Less Bethnal Green I do Hassan's boxfit class every week, it's really good he keeps the class really motivated I'm incredibly tired by the end it's great."

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* Tommy Craig

"I've been coming to Bethnal Green Fit4Less for about 2 years now, before this I used to swim for London and I decided I wanted to build my physique a bit. This gym is good for everything, they have good cardio equipment good weights everything you need here it's just good for it. My goals are to become a physique competitor this gym has given me everything I need."

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